Our Mission

SPROKIT is dedicated to positive transformation – whether it is the transformation of an individual, an institution, a system, or a community.

We make technology to make better.

That means our technology must serve human beings, not the other way around. Therefore, our criminal justice platform reduces recidivism and FTAs without e-carcerating. With our experience in education and mental health, we improve behavior outcomes. With our previously and currently incarcerated staff, we strive to be more compassionate. With our background in entertainment media, we use gamification to boost engagement. With our advisory staff of criminal justice and social service professionals, we make the job of supervision easier and more effective. With our citizen outreach, we involve communities in the process of re-entry and break down old stigmas.

Like our name implies, SPROKIT is like a gear that connects all stakeholders and moves the machinery of transformation forward.

Meet our team

  • Joe Kwong

    CEO / Co-Founder

  • Jeff Fino

    COO / Co-Founder

  • Kenyatta Leal

    Chief Evangelist

  • Jennifer Johnson

    Chief Policy Officer

  • Mike Christenson


  • Orazio Rispo

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • The Last Mile Developers

    Incarcerated in San Quentin
  • John Levin


  • Sumit Lal


  • Zach Moore


  • Charlie Thao


  • Rob Tyler


  • Advisors

  • Chief Wendy Still

    Alameda County Probation

  • Chris Redlitz

    The Last Mile

  • Beverly Parenti

    The Last Mile

  • Ben Jealous

    ex-President, NAACP

  • Scott Budnick

    Anti-Recidivism Coalition

  • Judge Cassandra Kirk

    Fulton County Magistrate Court