SPROKIT just won "MIT Solve: Unbundling Policing Challenge Accelerator"!


Technology for Criminal Justice Innovation, Client Success, and Compassionate Behavior Transformation.

Fundamental Tools


Lock-screen Alerts and Reminders

Probation Meetings

Court Dates

Drug Tests

Prescription Med Alarms

Verified Check-Ins

Pinpoint geo-matching

Only at specific mandatory locations

No tracking or recording of conversations

Data Analytics

SPROKIT built as a research tool to understand behavior

Drill down by specific cohort characteristics

See trends and outcomes on the dashboard

Suitable For

Bail Reform

Court Diversions


Mental Health

Social Services

Education Behind Bars

What sets us apart

Because we are deployed at every juncture of the criminal justice journey -- from arrest through bail, pre- and post- trial diversion, incarceration and re-entry -- no other technology is as flexible.

For greater client engagement

Rewards provided by corporations & citizens

Involving the community and diminishing "ex-con stigma"

We Strive to Prevent E-Carceration

No tracking

No recording


Embedded Video Conference Tool Reduces COVID-19 Infection Risk

For case managers, probation officers and returning citizens

But still enables face-to-face meetings

In-app referrals to social services and community resources

Clients can search for social service resources within app

And Most Importantly...

SPROKIT is designed and built by currently and previously incarcerated citizens and their mentors. Their input infuses our technology with empathy and understanding which makes for a transformative tool that engages like no other.

Take a look what our customers say

Corrections in America is now facing considerable challenges with a younger generation of offenders, diminished budgets, officers that need modern tools, and society’s demand for reforms. We believe the SPROKIT team is uniquely suited to providing solutions in these trying times and we are excited to meet those challenges with them.

  • Wendy Still
    Wendy Still

    Wendy Still Chief, Alameda County Probation

SPROKIT is the best use of technology in social services that I have come across to date. The app is practical, flexible to apply to any program, user friendly, and engages the client meaningfully in their own treatment outcomes. On the surface, the app assists providers in communicating with clients of mental health services. In practice, I found that the app afforded clients a lot more autonomy, independence, helped them to develop confidence in themselves and their use of technology, and reinforced the inherent rewards of positive change. I found that working with the SPROKIT team is a particularly wonderful experience. They meet with us to help us problem-solve any issues regularly and are genuinely dedicated to leveraging technology to improve our clients’ quality of life.

  • Erin Butler

    Supervisor, L.A. Misdemeanor Incompetent to Stand Trial (MIST) Restoration Program

In this pandemic, we need to protect our court officers and clients from infection. We think of SPROKIT as our digital PPE that keeps everyone safe. Thank you!”

  • Georgee Corley
    Georgee Corley

    Fulton County Magistrate Court Program Director, Misdemeanor Mental Health

We have clients on probation, clients in diversion or alternative-to-bail programs, clients who are unhomed or with mental health challenges. SPROKIT helps us stay connected to them, keep them guided, and provide services to all of them.

  • Emily Bell
    Emily Bell

    Executive Director, Project 180

SPROKIT treats our participants with compassion and keeps them compliant and engaged with their treatment programs. Amid the Statewide Judicial Emergency, the pandemic and the social unrest in 2020, SPROKIT helped us safely connect with and support our participants. SPROKIT improved our outcomes, made our team’s job easier and saved us time and money.

  • Cassandra Kirk
    Cassandra Kirk

    Chief Judge, Magistrate Court of Fulton County, Misdemeanor Mental Health Court