A mobile app for re-entering prisoners that connects them 
to social services, parole/probation, employers, family & friends

re-entering prisoners

SPROKIT stands for "Successful Prisoner Re-Entry -- Opportunity & Knowledge Interactive Tool"

It connects, educates, and drives behavior using learning principles and gamification incentives.  The "returning citizen" gets customized guidance, helpful notifications, and 24/7 support from the myriad of existing stakeholders:  social service organizations, health providers, case workers, etc.

SPROKIT for stakeholders

Administrators and service providers connect with users in a variety of ways, and are able to access vital data about cohort behavior that allows them to reduce recidivism by tracking cohort success with respect to specific programs

We [the U.S.] release more than 650,000 prisoners into society every year, often just dropping them on a curb to fend for themselves.  Two-thirds of them are rearrested within three years.

Bill Keller

The New York Times

California corrections will face considerable challenges over the coming years...We believe SPROKIT is uniquely suited to finding solutions in these trying times, and we are excited to meet those challenges with them.

Wendy Still

former Chief of San Francisco Adult Probation